His mind has been corrupted by colours, sounds, and shapes!

I'm free, free from the spell of those diabolical teletubbies!

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10 Anniversary LiveJournal Post
Tails 3
10 years ago I was a bit of an ass at times, not that I really want to talk about much, but there were things that I would have handled differently if I were the person I am now

For one thing I don't get involved in flame wars, and I'm less narrow minded

I've looked at early posts before and quite frankly, I've cringed

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Happy 10th Anniversary!! :D

(Deleted comment)
holy crap you're alive?!

Indeed I am (=

How are you doing Becca?

Marrrbelous. Trying to get back into the habit of writing here more than sporadically. How be ye?!

I'm fine thanks, there's not much going on with me, I'm reteaching myself web design right now and seeing how that goes.

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