His mind has been corrupted by colours, sounds, and shapes!

I'm free, free from the spell of those diabolical teletubbies!

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I just overheard something on the tv, I don't watch Eastenders but BBC One happened to be the channel on.

I heard one of the characters say the following:

"We're going to prove to the council that we're united and dignified!"

I fear I may cause myself serious physical harm from laughing too hard.

10 Anniversary LiveJournal Post
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10 years ago I was a bit of an ass at times, not that I really want to talk about much, but there were things that I would have handled differently if I were the person I am now

For one thing I don't get involved in flame wars, and I'm less narrow minded

I've looked at early posts before and quite frankly, I've cringed

Hallowe'en Update - Question for the five people who still read this =p
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Here's my Hallowe'en (Google Chrome is giving me a red line on this spelling) update

Quick show of hands (or more appropriately comments), how many people know about this little urban myth?


And how many of you didn't immediately figure out that it was the cardboard cut out of Ted Danson instead?

I pretty much worked it out when I saw it for the first time after hearing that story, just wondering, did anyone else realise what it was straight away?

I'm going on about Northern Ireland again
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I love how the Sectarians talk about freedom

They probably mean the freedom to rule communities with an iron hand,
the freedom to addcit kids to drugs, the freedom to extract protection money from small businesses and the freedom to kill anyone they choose

'Freedom' indeed

Overused YouTube comments
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1 – Saying that someone in the video is hot (regardless of the subject matter of the video)

2 – Complaining that someone is saying that someone in the video is hot (regardless of the subject matter of the video)

3 – Complaining that someone is complaining that someone is saying that someone in the video is hot (regardless of the subject matter of the video)

4 – “[INSERT NAME] sent me here “

5 – “No one cares who sent you here”

6 – [NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO GAVE VIDEO A ‘THUMBS DOWN’] followed by some witty joke about the people who don’t like the video


8 – Pointing out a mistake that the uploader already acknowledges in the text description or captions

9 – “You disagree with me! How dare you! A pox upon your house! I demand satisfaction!”

My Opinions on Northern Ireland Politics
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Hi Everyone,

It's been a while, I tend to spend more time on Facebook now, but I think I'll post something to this that I recently wrote on a Facebook group as it gives my opinions on Northern Ireland politics in a nutshell.

"Both Sinn Fein and the DUP need sectarianism, they've allowed things to progress to the point that while the Troubles are largely over, the divisions still exist.
In my opinion this is for two reasons, firstly they need the divisions in order for people to vote for them.
Secondly, sectarianism provides a convenient distraction when needed, if for example they're not running the country properly some nonsense will be brought up (flags etc). This way the media and public focus will be on that instead of something important.
They're happy with the status quo as it allows them to remain in power (and in receipt of the salaries that go with it).
However, neither Sinn Fein nor the DUP have any serious intention of trying to bring an end to the 'us and them' attitude considering the wonders it works for them."

I'm still here!
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As the title suggests

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I was at Heroes & Legends today.

I walked round a corner and nearly bumped into a guy dressed as Pinhead.

The costume was..... convincing =/

How to solve a Rubik's cube -
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- Peel off all of the stickers

- Put them back on with only one colour on each side

Sorry everyone
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